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My Never: A Henry/Abby Fanmix

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01. I Know What You Are
Carter Burwell, the Twilight Score

Abby to Henry

02. In Your Eyes
Jeffrey Gaines

Henry to Abby

love, I don't like to see so much pain
so much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away
I get so tired of working so hard for our survival
I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive…

03. Over and Over
Three Days Grace

Henry to Abby

so many thoughts that I can't get out of my head
I try to live without you, every time I do I feel dead
I know what's best for me
but I want you instead…

04. Cry Little Sister
Sisters of Mercy

Henry to Abby

cry, little sister - thou shall not fall
come to your brother - thou shall not die
unchain me, sister - thou shall not fear
love is with your brother - thou shall not kill…

05. Always

Abby to Henry

I see, the blood all over your hands
Does it make you feel, more like a man?
Was it all, just a part of your plan?

06. Obsession

Henry to Abby

my fantasy has turned to madness
all my goodness has turned to badness
my need to possess you has consumed my soul
my life is trembling, I have no control…

07. Dangerous Game
Linda Eder & Robert Cuccioli from Jekyll & Hyde

all I know is I'm lost
and I'm counting the cost
my emotions are in a spin
I don't know who to blame...

08. Possession
Sarah McLachlan

Henry to Abby

through this world I stumble
so many times betrayed
trying to find an honest word
to find the truth enslaved

oh, you speak to me in riddles
and you speak to me in rhymes
my body aches to breathe your breath
your words keep me alive…

09. Demons
Brian McFadden

Henry to Abby

I can feel a sense of danger
you stare at me like I’m a stranger
paralyzed and you don’t seem to care
the demons in my dreams…

10. Because of You
Kelly Clarkson

Abby to Henry

you never thought of anyone else
you just saw your pain
and now I cry
in the middle of the night
for the same damn thing…

11. My Never
Blue October

Henry to Abby

will you think of me in time?
it's never my luck, so never mind.
I wanna say your name, but the pain starts again…

12. You'll See

Abby to Henry

all by myself
I don’t need anyone at all
I know I’ll survive
I know I’ll stay alive…

13. I'm Alive
Aaron Tveit from Next to Normal

Henry to Abby

I'm alive
I'm right behind you.
you say forget but I'll remind you.
you can try to hide but you know that I will find you.
'cause if you won't grieve me, you won't leave me behind…

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