curse the flame (cursetheflame) wrote,
curse the flame

Drabble: A Cup of Tea

title: A Cup of Tea
fandom: SyFy's Alice
characters: Hatter/Alice
rating: K
summary: written for the new_wonderland quarterly challenge; Hatter was always asking Alice to share a cup of tea. Let's just say that the third time was the charm.
disclaimer: the characters in this story are the property of SyFy and Nick Willing and are only used for fan related purposes; any dialogue used is from the actual mini-series and is only used to further the story.

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

The first time he asked her, she said no.

The second time he asked her, he was sitting at her kitchen table, waiting. It had been a rough day, cold and snowy and wet. She joined him but said flatly she was a coffee person. Hatter just smiled and sipped.

The third time he asked her, much later, something told her she should. She reached for the cup but noticed something glittering at the bottom before she ever drank.

It wasn’t as valuable as the Stone of Wonderland -- to Alice, it was even moreso.

Tags: alice, challenge, fic, writing
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