curse the flame (cursetheflame) wrote,
curse the flame

Drabble: honesty (is such a lonely word)

title: honesty (is such a lonely word)
fandom: SyFy's Alice
characters: Duchess
rating: K
summary: written for the new_wonderland quarterly challenge; Duchess wasn't just a blind servant to the queen. She had feelings and emotions -- and not just the sort that came in a bottle.
disclaimer: the characters in this story are the property of SyFy and Nick Willing and are only used for fan related purposes; any dialogue used is from the actual mini-series and is only used to further the story.

Duchess was a creature of duty, made to be the queen’s maid. Born to listen, raised to obey, she did what she was told. No questions asked, no answers given.

But in a land where emotions were prohibited—except for the sort in a bottle—a complacent servant was engaged to the prince… and then, against all sense, she fell in love.

The queen wanted to use her to ask Jack questions. As she reached for the bottle of Honesty and headed towards his quarters, she decided there were answers she desired more.

She wanted to know about this Alice.

Tags: alice, challenge, fic, writing

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